Uroplatus phanaticus

The Uroplatus Hobbyist Resource

Welcome to the Resource for Leaftail Geckos, the Genus Uroplatus

For now, this website will primarily serve as a place to post my caresheet for the Satanic Leaftail Gecko, Uroplatus phantasticus.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to add the caresheet to your website or if you would like to translate it to another language.   Also, if you have extensive experience keeping and breeding any of the other species of Uroplatus, and would like to write a caresheet of your own, please let me know!  You can contact me by checking out the "Profile" section of the site.

 For now, I ask that you do not contact me to find any animals that I have for sale.  I am currently not keeping geckos, though I hope to return to the hobby.


Thanks for stopping by, this site will be under heavy construction! 

Update: February 2011.  Minor editing to the caresheet. Additional information added to the "Identify Uroplatus" section.

Last update: April 2011. Minor editing to the caresheet.  Slowly changing the wording to a more appropriate language.  Adding some minor details and clarifying points.



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Uroplatus phantasticus juvenile


All photos are (c) 2011 Mike Martin unless otherwise noted.